Herdsires ~2018

CJF Sir Lancelot -      

(FOR SALE)                                         

DOB 06/20/15


AMZA# 024190B

Sire: The Quinn Ranch Sir William (Brindle)

Dam: C Jewel's Libby Lou

Sired by the late Sir William ~ Lance has color packed into his genetics with a red paint & a black paint for grandsires he also has a brindle sire & granddam

~ Measured 29 1/2in at 1yr old

~ At 15months old Lance is finally starting to fill out a little *still tiny as ever*

We're amazed by his unique coat coloring. We figured he would grey out & have the brown on his topline like his mum but he has only gotten darker bay w/ more pronounced features. He has a roaning pattern on his legs which just might be some brindling! ~Looking forward to seeing his calves due in Nov. 2017

~ Measured (32)in tall @ 2yrs old

~ Measured (33)in tall @ 3yrs old

Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson - NFS

DOB 09/19/15


IMZA# Z-6916

AMZA# 024341B

Sire: Heikens Ark Maxi

Dam: Heikens Ark Crystal (Red Paint)

Will be used as our 2018-2019 Herdsire. Cash still has some filling out to do but he's going to be one nice looking bull!

~ 28.5in @ 1yr old

~ 29.25 @ 2yrs old

~ 29.75 @ 3yrs old

CJF Sir Gawain ~ SOLD

(Solid Red)

DOB 03/30/18

Sire: CJF Sir Lancelot
Dam: Dixie's Coco (Rosebud)

Excellent Breeding Prospect & super sweet personality! 

Ready to go the End of July

"2019" Bull Calves 

CJF Beau 

DOB 07/30/19

Will Mature Under (36)in



Sire : Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson

Dam: Dixies Coco 

CJF Niven 

DOB 08/13/19

Will Mature Under (36)in



Sire : Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson

Dam : Itsafarms NT RM Iris

CJF Rowan 

DOB 12/18/19

Will Mature Under (36)in 



Sire : ?

Dam : Half Moon Acres Claire 

"Sold"~ Bull Calves

CJF Tiny Tim ~ SOLD


DOB 08//18

Should Mature (29-32)in


Sire: Heikens Ark Cash

Dam: RGB Tiny Girl

CJF Milky Way~ SOLD


DOB 08//18

Should Mature (34-36)in


Sire: Heikens Ark Cash

Dam: AZF Starfire

CJF Sir Percival ~ SOLD                                                                          

DOB 03/04/18

(Chocolate Paint)

Sire: Sir Lancelot
Dam: Itsafarm's Iris



Excellent personality, very laid back.

Ready to go ~ Mid July
~ Can be steered for a pet ~

CJF Rusty Knight (Sir Newton) ~ SOLD to the Wymer's


DOB 01/18/17


IMZA# T-8309

AMZA# n/a

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: CJF Libby Lou

Line bred bull calf sired by Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo. Will mature between 32-36in. 

Sweet & Gentle

~ Measured 29in @ 1yr old

CJF Booster Gold - SOLD to the Wymer's            

(Solid Red)

DOB 05/02/16

Should Mature at between (34-36)in

IMZA# T-8308


Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: WdeC's Miss Chloe

Skeetz is a full sibling to Libby Lou & Jack Frost

We're looking forward to seeing how he fills out in the next few years.

~ Measured 30in @ 1yr old

~ Measured 32in @ 2yrs old

CJF Stormy Knight ~ SOLD to the Pardal's
DOB 03/20/18
Sire: CJF Sir Lancelot 
Dam: TOS Evelyn

Sweet personality & walks great on the leadline already! 

C Jewel's Jack Frost - 


- to the Chestnuts in FL

DOB 12/16/14

Should mature 35-36in

AMZA# 023345B

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo (35in)

Dam: WdeC's Miss Chloe (39in)

We'll miss these sweet boys but we know they will be well taken care of & loved!

C Jewel's Merlin The Magnificent -


- to the Chestnuts in FL

DOB 4/14/14

(Grey w/brown tint)

AMZA# 023041B

(35in at 1 1 months)

Sire: CLM King Julian (40in)

Dam: Komokos Fall Glow (Violet) (36in)

This little guy is just the cutest! Great Hump & Personality! Would do well as a show steer or just a pet!

Very friendly & affectionate. LOVES Cookies!

CJF Ace of Spades - SOLD

To Doug in FL

DOB 02/21/16

Should Mature at about (36-37in) 

AMZA# 024192B

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo 

Dam: Itsafarm's NT Red Mason's Iris

Another great looking calf, very well put together & has an excellent easy going temperament. Would make a great herd sire & show prospect. He should be turning red as he matures. 

C Jewel's Prince Arthur - SOLD!

- to Edison in FL

DOB 4/18/15



Sire : Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam : Komokos Fall Glow (Violet)

Sold with Lucy 

Wishing these cuties well in their new home!

C Jewel's Mini Mite - Sold!

to Kevin in FL

DOB 09/10/14

IMZA# T-6608

AMZA# 023346B

()in Should mature around 34in or under

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo (35in)

Dam: The Other Side's Evelyn (33.5in)

Absolutely love this cross! Super tiny & compact with such a great personality! What an awesome hump already!  Can't say enough about this little guy! At 8 months he is smaller than  our 5 month old calf, Jack . Taken to our local market several times and he's GREAT with kids 


C Jewel's Prince Charming 

DOB 11/25/13


AMZA# 022916B

Sire: CLM King Julian

Dam: WdeC's Miss Chloe

This guys got great conformation and a personality to match!! He has a star on his forehead and random paint markings around his body. Nice BIG hump, he's going to be a handsome show bull or a good little show steer for a 4H project. 

Prince Charming now resides with Pepper Mint Patty


(SOLD) to Valerie in IN
C Jewel's Lil Samson  (Red Paint)
DOB 02/13/13 
AMZA#  022436B  
(  )in should mature 36in
Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo
Dam: Itsafarm's NT Red Mason's Iris

Samson is a lot like his daddy (cosmo), his face, his attitude, and his huge hump. We Love Samson and his parents. He got 1st place at the 2013 Ze Orange Show in Ocala and should make a great herdsire and show bull. He has been taken to a petting zoo with his sisters and loves being petted by the kids and gives them kisses. Also had people visiting the farm who led him around and did great at the show with all sorts of people coming up to him. Rick Bogle and John Schmidt ( two Zebu breeders that have been showing and breeding for several years) thought he was a great little bull. He is a all around Awesome little bull and would make an awesome addition to any herd, he has color ,conformation ,temperament ,and size. He is such a cutie pie too! 

Samson now resides in Indiana with a couple of new girls. Can't wait to see how he matures! Also looking forward to seeing what he produces. He will be missed very much here at C Jewel's Farm <3

Reference Sires ~


(Red Paint)  2012-2017 Herdsire


DOB 07/30/08


AMZA# 02604B

IMZA# z-4650

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Mite  

Dam: Lucky-Lacey 

Our Main Herdsire 

Tri-colored Bull with an Awesome disposition (super sweet) Cosmo Loves his girls and can be handled by anyone.

He has an Awesome hump and great conformation! Above is a side view of Cosmo

He is the Sire of all 2016 & several 2017 calves

Cosmo left for his new home in September B

- Bull Calf out of Libby Lou ~ FOR SALE

- Heifer Calf out of Evelyn ~ RETAINED

- Heifer Calf out of Rosebud ~ SOLD

- Heifer Calf out of Starfire ~ FOR SALE

(SOLD) to Daryl & Debi in FL

WdeC's Master Amos

DOB 10/24/09


AMZA# 022544B

Sire: Overlooks Phantom Fox 

Dam: Mullins Pebbles 


Amos now resides in Okeechobee on a family farm with 20 acres!
He has a beautiful girlfriend & a newborn heifer calf to keep him company
So happy he has such a nice family!!!

 He sired a beautiful heifer in 2011 that now resides in Gainesville with her own herd
- Amos in his new home <3

(SOLD) to Jeremiah in FL

CLM King Julian

DOB 02/28/11   

(Black Paint)


AMZA# 022656B 
Sire: Southern Star 's Striker  
Dam: CLM Suri 

Julian is a nice splashy paint with GREAT a set of horns. He now resides in Myakka City with a some pretty heifers & lots of grass to munch on!
~ The sire of our 2015 Heifer calf CJF Queen Elizabeth whom we've retained 

~ Pictures of boys in their new homes!

Photo credit to owners of animals.

The Quinn Ranch Sir William ~ (Deceased)

(Golden Striped Brindle)

DOB 06/11/13

AMZA# 022693B

Sire: RGB Exotics Bodacious 

Dam: Maxwell's Minis Tigris 

We lost Willy in December 2014 but the Lord blessed us with a bull calf out of Libby Lou to carry on his genes in our herd

(Psalms 104:15-25) {15} And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth man's heart.  {16} The trees of the LORD are full of sap; the cedars of Lebanon, which he hath planted;  {17} Where the birds make their nests: as for the stork, the fir trees are her house.  {18} The high hills are a refuge for the wild goats; and the rocks for the conies.  {19} He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down.  {20} Thou makest darkness, and it is night: wherein all the beasts of the forest do creep forth.  {21} The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God.  {22} The sun ariseth, they gather themselves together, and lay them down in their dens.  {23} Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening.  {24} O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.  {25} So is this great and wide sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts."