Mature Cows

WdeC's Miss Chloe


  • DOB 09/21/08  
  • 39in 
  • AMZA#  02106C
  • IMZA# Z-5005
  • Sire: Overlooks Phantom Fox  
  • Dam: Komokos Lola-Belle  


The Other Side's Evelyn 


  • DOB 07/12/10
  • 33.5in 
  • AMZA# 02504C
  • IMZA# Z-5314 
  • Sire: GFI A Bu Named Sioux 
  • Dam: The Other Side's Eve


Half Moon Acre's Claire 

(Red Paint)

  • DOB 05/01/12
  • 38in
  • AMZA#  022934C
  • IMZA# H1-7263
  • Sire: Zebutopia Mucho Macho
  • Dam: Woodhaven Farm's Carmen

Dixie's Coco (Rosebud) 


  • DOB 07/27/12
  • 38 3/4in 
  • IMZA# T-5938
  • AMZA# 024348C 
  • Sire: PRR Diego 
  • Dam: DAB Olivia 

A-Zebu Farm's Starfire 

(Red Paint)

  • DOB 04-23-13
  • (36)in 
  • IMZA# T-6425
  • AMZA# 023347C
  • Sire: DAB Domino
  • Dam: Sadler's Place Allie O

Maxwell's Minis Georginia - (Gina)

(Black Paint)

  • DOB 02/22/14
  • 3yrs (34)in 
  • IMZA# H3-6609
  • AMZA# 022973C
  • Sire: RGB Bodacious 
  • Dam: The Other Side's Ethel

RGB Tiny Girl 

(Grey Paint)

  • DOB 08/06/13
  • 3yrs (32)in 
  • AMZA# 022922C
  • IMZA# H3-6175
  • Sire: RGB Diablo (Black Paint)
  • Dam: Komokos Amazing Grace


Maxwell's Minis Little Dixie ($4000) PET ONLY

(Black Paint)

  • DOB 02/22/14
  • 3yrs (32)in 
  • IMZA# H3-6610
  • AMZA# 022972C
  • Sire: RGB Bodacious
  • Dam: PGCH WHF Phrema Dharma 

CJF Honey Suckle 
  • DOB 03/25/16
  • (35)in 
  • IMZA# Z-8522
  • AMZA# 024349C
  • Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo
  • Dam: Dixie's Coco AKA Rosebud

CJF Ffansi (Polly) 
  • DOB 03/03/17
  • IMZA# Z-8523
  • (36)in
  • Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo
  • Dam: The Other Side's Evely

Sold Heifers

CJF Molly ~ SOLD

DOB 06/09/19

Will Mature Under (34)in

IMZA# T-9005

Sire : Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson

Dam : The Other Side's Evelyn 

CJF Willow ~ SOLD

DOB 09/27/19

Will Mature Under (36)in


Sire : Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson

Dam : CJF Queen Elizabeth 

CJF Wren ~ SOLD 

DOB 10/19/19


Will Mature Under (34)in

Sire : CJF Sir Lancelot

Dam : Maxwells Minis Georgina 

CJF Clarabelle ~ SOLD
DOB 11/24/18
Will Mature Under (36)in
IMZA# H2-8999
Sire : Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson 
Dam : Half Moon Acres Claire
CJF Freya ~ SOLD
DOB 05/06/18
Will Mature under (34)in
Sire : Heiken's Ark Cash Tankenson 
Dam : Maxwell's Mini's Georgina 

CJF Queen Elizabeth - SOLD

(Chocolate Tri Paint)

DOB 05/26/15


AMZA# 024189C

Sire: CLM King Julian

Dam: Half Moon Acres Claire

We were very happy to see this splashy girl when we went out to feed! CLM King Julian's last calf sired here at C Jewel's Farm & we weren't disappointed! Claire did an excellent job taking care of her first calf & what a beauty she is! Lizzy will be staying here to carry on Julian's colorful lines! 

We aren't sure if she will be red as she is getting black on her face, legs, & tail.We are very thankful with these gifts God has given us <3

- Lizzy will be bred to Lancelot in 2017-2018

~ Measured at 34in BH at 1yr old

~ Measured  37 1/4 in @ 2yrs old

CJF Frida ~ SOLD
DOB 06/28/18
Will Mature Under (36)in
Sire : CJF Sir Lancelot
Dam : CJF Queen Elizabeth 

Itsafarm's NT Red Mason's Iris - SOLD
(Red Paint)
DOB 07/01/10  
AMZA# 022434C
IMZA# H1-7264
Sire: Itsafarm's Nat'l Treasure Red Mason  
Dam: Muck Pond Farm's Cookie 
Iris is a gorgeous shiny red paint with great conformation! She sets herself up naturally for pictures and not to mention she has the sweetest face. We brought her home in a dog crate when she was 2 months old. Now she is all grown up and has had three calves of her own. Iris shows excellent promise as a milking cow & I hope to be able to do so next year. We would love to make some homemade cheese & Ice cream! 
(I plan on testing all of our milking prospects for the A2 protein in 2018)

CJF Sunday (Lulu Belle) ~ SOLD (Pet Only)


DOB 06/17/18

Will Mature Under (36)in


Sire: CJF Sir Lancelot

Dam: WdeC's Miss Chloe

C Jewel's Libby Lou ~ SOLD to Bill & Cindy

(Grey m/Paint w/brown tint)

DOB  11/30/12


AMZA#  022427C

IMZA#  T-6227

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo  

Dam: WdeC's Miss Chloe

Libby is sired by our red bull, Cosmo & out of our oldest cow, Chloe. 

She is looking gorgeous as an almost 4 yr old with her large Horns & brisket, and her great look all around! (You wouldn't think it but she is a grey paint!

She has splashy paint markings on her under belly)

We were blessed to get a bull calf from her sired by Sir William 

(who we lost in December 2014) 

We will be retaining him to keep William's lines in the herd 

- Lancelot will be bred to our AMZA girls late 2016 & early 2017

~ Libby delivered a bull calf on 01/18/17


CJF Twinkle Little Star (Twinkie) ~ SOLD to Cindy & Bill

Red Paint

DOB 05/09/17

IMZA# T-8211


Mature Height (34-36)in

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: AZF Starfire

CJF Morning Glory (Gloria) ~ Sold (to James in FL)

Red Paint

DOB 03/11/17



(34-37in) mature height

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: Dixies Coco(Rosebud)

CJF Gingersnap Cookie ~ SOLD to Rick in FL


DOB 10/04/16



(35-36in mature height)

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: Half Moon Acres Claire 

CJF Stardust - SOLD 

To Doug In FL

(Red Paint) 

DOB 05/07/16

Should mature at around (34-36)in



Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: A-Zebu Farm's Starfire

"Peanut" as we call her, has the tiniest features i've ever seen on a calf! Cute as a button with lots of spunk! You will often see her running around the paddock with her siblings, jumping off all fours & kicking up her heels!

(reference only)

Heifers in their new homes!

CJF Queen of Hearts -SOLD

To Steve in FL


DOB 02/14/16

Should mature at around (33-34)in

IMZA# T- 7049

AMZA# 024191C

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo

Dam: The Other Side's Evelyn

This girl has excellent conformation & should mature very small. She should turn red as she gets older. I would be keeping her if I could! She will make an excellent show heifer for someone. 

C Jewel's Little Miracle (SOLD)

- To Edison in FL

(Red Paint)

DOB 1/31/15


Sire: CLM King Julian 

Dam: Itsafarm's NT Red Mason's Iris


Sold with CJF KIng Arthur

We'll miss seeing this sweet girl <3

Komoko's Fall Glow (Violet) - SOLD!
To Lois in FL
DOB 10/17/09  
AMZA# 022431C 
IMZA# Z-5143
Sire: Komokos Warlock
Dam: Komokos Lil Sybil 

Violet is one of our smaller cows, She has a large hump for a female, a trait I hope she passes to her offspring. We got her when she was around 6 months old, she was just with a herd of cows and never handled. So when she first got home we couldn't get within ten feet of her so we worked hard and got a halter on her. She now does great with us and leads well, we will be showing her heifer calf (Jazmine) again soon as she did well at her first show placing second out of five at the 2013 Ze' Orange Show.

Sold to Rudy in AL

A-Zebu Farm's Ruby Red

DOB 04/15/13

()in should mature around 35in

IMZA# T- 6426

AMZA# pending

Sire: DAB Domino 

Dam: Sadler's Place Touch of Red

Hoping to breed her to Cosmo end of 2015

She LOVES her cookies & has a really sweet disposition 

Heavy Swede background 

Sold to Kody in FL

C Jewel's Night Blooming Jazmine 

(Grey Paint)

DOB 02/10/13

currntly (33)3/8in Should mature 36in

AMZA#  022432C

IMZA#  T-6228

Sire: Buffalo Hill Rusty Cosmo  

Dam: Komokos Fall Glow (Violet)

Jazmine has a very feminine face and great body capacity not to mention she is getting a gorgeous hump which is no surprise considering her parents. She is a stunning young heifer and we can't wait to show her again as a 2yr old. 



Flying P Ranch Roper's Little Wren

(Pepper)Mint Patty) 

(Black Paint)            

DOB 10/15/12

( )in

AMZA# 03283C

Sire: Muck Pond Farms Roper

Dam: Mullins Wren


Pepper is one of our friendliest heifers and


I don't really know how to categorize her color but she is like a York Peppermint Patty, hence the name... 

She has a small paint marking on her under belly

Pepper now resides With Prince Charming

(SOLD) to Danielle & Justin in FL          

C Jewel's Lily Of The Valley

DOB 8/28/11 
Sire: WdeC's Master Amos

Dam: WdeC's Miss Chloe  
Lily was our first calf here and is a lot like her mom.
She was an  unplanned breeding and a pleasant suprise to find on a Sunday Morning 

This is a picture of Lily in her new home
It was a bitter sweet day, but I know she has a good home