*2018-2019* Breeding/Calving Schedule

               HEIFER                                     BULL                                  CALVES

            Itsafarm's Iris

               TOS Evelyn

              Dixie's Coco

                 MM Gina

         WdeC's Miss Chloe

         CJF Queen Elizabeth

                AZF Starfire

          CJF Libby Lou

             RGB Tiny Girl

           CJF Sir Lancelot

        CJF Sir Lancelot

          CJF Sir Lancelot


Heikens Ark Cash Tankenson


            CJF Sir Lancelot



Heiken's Ark Cash Tankenson

    Delivered a bull calf on 03/04/18
               Accepting Deposits

         Stormy Knight(Wally)
         Bull Calf Born 03/20/18
              Accepting Deposits

                  Sir Gawain
           Bull Calf Born 03/30/18
               Accepting Deposits


                  CJF Martha May(Freya)

           Heifer Calf Born 05//18

               CJF Sunday Morning

            Heifer Calf Born 06/17/18

              Accepting Deposits

Exposed on 09/25/17 ~Bred
Due ~  06/25/18

Exposed on 6/20/17


Exposed on:


Exposed On: 
Heat on 09/27/17????

~ Malachi 4:2 ¶ But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

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